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About DatTank.IO:

There are multiple Tank-themed IO games on the Internet, and DatTank.IO promises to be the nice one keeping you engaged for sure. You make your own tank then control it around the map to fight against lots of other players as well as work with your team to defeat the enemy teams. You should eliminate as many rival tanks as possible to grow your score on the leaderboard, and gradually, you will be able to reach the top. But first, you must finish off any enemy tanks standing in your way, team up with your allies, support each other so you can overcome all the challenges. Remember to pick up more health packs and ammo packs to regain your health and reload your cannon for the next encounter. Show off your shooting abilities, fight with great tactics then bring the ultimate victory to your team. Play it now! Good luck to you!


Move your tank using WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar or mouse to fire.

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