Holes in mope.io online game have two different sizes, large and small. Holes are the place for animals to hide. Let’s research more about these items now!



Holes or hiding holes that you see in mope.io game are the location that small and large animals can use to hide and escape from the chase of predators. There are types of hiding holes including a smaller one aka holes for small creatures such as mice, rabbits, and pigs, and large hiding holes aka caves for the players above pigs. Remember that the small ones can utilize both of them. But, the small holes will not fit for the bigger characters. Especially, a hole can contain multiple animals. This is the image of a cave:


For hiding holes, there is not any limit of the time that you stay. To survive forever in mope.io online, you should choose the hiding hole which is right next or in a lake or mud. Although this way can make you feel bored, it can help you win. Why don’t you play this awesome game and explore these holes for free? Good luck!

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