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About can be considered as a perfect mixture of and If you are a big fan of both of those games, you will surely like! The game is super fun to master. You will jump into a big arena where you control a cute snake-like character in order to take over as much space as possible. After that, you have to connect the captured space back to your main territory for the expansion. Keep seizing more and more space to enlarge your realm until it becomes the largest one. However, you still have to watch out for your surroundings as you try to capture the space. Do whatever it takes to keep your trail safe because if someone hits it, you will meet your doom. But, you can try to hit the trail of a certain enemy to wipe him out if you want. Follow this method to finish off all opponents then steal their space when they are wiped out. With a lot of game modes to pick from, surely you will compete against many opponents and earn yourself new gaming experiences.


Move your character around the arena to capture space using arrow keys or WASD.

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