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Bob The Robber 2 2D takes you on a new journey with the fun thief Bob. You will have to rescue the town again from an evil boss by stealing as much money as you can.

If you played the first part, this is your chance to continue your foray as Bob. He has a new and more challenging quest to steal money in a tycoon’s castle. So, help him overcome the most difficult levels with your own skill and ingenuity!

In each level, you will start from the first room and have to go to the last room to complete a level and unlock new levels. Along the way, you’ll have to collect clues to solve fun puzzles. For instance, you will need to find password to open the door, move stealthily to dodge the camera and more.

Do everything your way to conquer Bob The Robber cool math. A little ingenuity and wisdom will help you overcome challenges easily. But there will be many people standing in your way, such as technological machines, robots and aggressive security guards. You will dodge or attack them depending on the situation.

Besides, over time, you can use the bonus to unlock new skins for Bob. Moreover, with new levels, the game will bring unique backgrounds and mysteries to uncover. You can expand your theft journey according to your ability.

So, don’t hesitate to miss Bob The Robber 2 unblocked and its exciting puzzles. This is the time to join a thrilling heist journey and make huge money from the break-ins. Play skillfully to overcome robots, guardians and lasers!

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