online brings an exciting battle for survival between different animals in the wild. In this game, the player will have to help his pet find food and avoid threats from other animals. With the development over time, the player can help his character from a small mouse to become bigger and stronger. Before experiencing battle royale, you should refer to our article to better understand what it has to offer.

Some information you need to know about online

Basically, is an io game that is loved by many people around the world. This game has a similar operating method to or Agario but brings many gameplay upgrades. So, improved versions are regularly released to help players get the best experience when playing the game. You may not know, online is from a Canadian developer, Tatarnykov. Although this is the first product from this young developer, it has received a lot of love from players.

Besides, players can experience this game on many popular platforms today. Includes web browsing (available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices), or gaming via Android and iOS. Note, please make sure that your device has a stable internet connection during the game so as not to affect the experience. private servers are stable worldwide, so players can rest assured of the fairest connection.

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Gameplay of online is good in many aspects

Play game, players will start their survival process by controlling a small mouse. Your goal in the early stages is quite simple. It is to find berries on the map to eat and create a certain number of points. Not only eating, but this mouse also needs to keep an abundant amount of water in the body to function at its best. At the same time, the player must control his character away from other large animals before being strong enough to defeat them.

Then, the player’s mouse will evolve into a stronger animal if adequate food and water are maintained. At this point, it can eat smaller rodents by moving closer to them. Let’s start the game by eating colorful berries before thinking about attacking other animals. Berries are the main source of raw materials for the development of all animals in the game online.

Moreover, this game has a “Share” button every time the player completes a certain session. Will you be able to dominate all species, become the leader of the rankings with other players? Don’t forget to share your achievements with friends by clicking the “Share” button provided.

Controls are simple

For new players, the controls of will be easy to access from the first time. So, players will still use the mouse to perform the main actions in this game. If you are not sure, please refer to some suggestions on how to control right below:

  • Use left mouse to help your character increase running speed
  • Hover around to perform character navigation
  • Avoid large animals appearing on the map

Overall, don’t worry, it won’t take you too long to understand how works. However, to win, players need to combine strategic elements as well as reasonable control.

Animals in have variety?

The reason we want to dedicate a separate part of the article to talking about animals is that they play a very important role in the process of experiencing online. This game has more than 117 built-in animals, including rare animals. This allows players to enjoy a long enough gameplay with multiple evolutions. Thanks to that, you will find the animals you love the most or change them around so you don’t get bored.

Up to now, King Dragon and Black Dragon are best animals. They are at the top of the food chain and can eat all other animals on land as well as in the ocean. Besides, this game divides into two certain living areas between the animals. For example, moles, deer, zebras, bears, hippos, rhinos, etc. will live in terrestrial environments. Along with that is the appearance of animals in the ocean such as crayfish, swordfish, pufferfish, turtles, octopuses, sharks, etc. No matter where they live, they will still adhere to survival. In general, it is the strength that has the power to destroy the weak.

Mope io online with animal levels
Mope io online with animal levels

In addition, players can also see the appearance of rare animals with a very low probability of occurring. For example, the Pakistani Macaw has a 1/3000 chance of spawning and is the only animal in the game that can disguise itself as any other species. In general, this game brings quite a lot of different animals, enough for players to feel a variety of animals in reality.

About Mods with many special features

If you want to achieve a higher score or own the most powerful animals. The appearance of the mod will be a great choice for you. The mod version will provide players with more advanced features than the regular version. Along with that, players can play the game in their own way, play less but still become the strongest in each level. Let’s learn more about the mod now.

Play unblocked on
Play unblocked on

Specific benefits come from the mod version

When using the mod, players will receive a lot of benefits to make the process of playing the game easier. Typically, automatic healing, automatic target attack, faster movement, automatic food generation, the help of Aimbot and Firebot. Moreover, users will be disabled from ads thanks to the Adblock Plus+ feature. As a result, your experience will be seamless without the appearance of annoying ads.

Download and install via a browser

Currently, the mod version of only appears on the web browser and is not available on the mobile platform. Therefore, you need to wait a little longer to experience the mod version on mobile devices. We will notify you as soon as the mod version is released, please wait for information from us.

Play on Mobile With APK Download
Play on Mobile With APK Download
Download APK For Free

At our site, you can find popular browsers to use the mod version of this game. Includes Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Just click on the link in each browser to get the appropriate download for the browser you want to play the game in. Once the download is complete, the player just needs to log into the game to use the mod features.

Don’t be too dependent on mod

Although it provides a lot of great experiences, we recommend that you do not overdo it with the mod. Because you can win quickly, but in return, the feeling of exciting experience that the game brings will no longer be. Use the features of the mod version in cases where you really need it. If not, effective strategies will help you win.

Overall review of online online is an attractive game with high competition throughout the experience. Besides the io gameplay, this game also offers good enough graphics and sound quality for players to feel excited. So, you can also use the mod version to increase the winning rate when playing the game. Do not miss the appearance of if you have been looking for the best iO games online at the moment.