Controls in the awesome game allow you to navigate the animals and guide them to interact with others in the multiplayer online and surroundings.


Controls in the online game include some simple keys. However, they are very effective if you know how to use them. The mouse is the main tool to navigate the own animal. Let’s explore much more about in-game controls!

  • The cursor – The mouse and all of the higher level animals will only go after the cursor.
  • When you hold the left mouse, you can help the own character run (uses water).
  • If you want to change the boring atmosphere, you can chat and exchange the information by pressing Enter to chat.
  • When you hold the right mouse or W key, you are able to dive into the water.
  • For Rhino, pressing W key will allow this animal to charge in a straight direction and increase 2X damage.

Controls that you will utilize in game just contain some keys like that. But, you should learn and master them. You can hide the enemy, avoid their attacks, hunt the prey, or dive. Let’s apply and see if how long you can survive and win!

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