Privacy Policy will be introduced to you. We will improve your experience in many ways, including information collection. If no problem, play now.

Privacy Policy at tells you how we treat your information when you visit the website. Everything is transparent and you can contact us anytime to make a suggestion about it. We offer you game to play online for free. But at the same time we also collect information from you for the purpose of maintaining and improving this website. We don’t do this for personal gain, but for our users and their experience. So please read the following carefully to understand more about us.

About game

First of all, we will talk a little bit about, the game offered at our website. It is a free game that can be played online in a web browser. It is very popular in the global gaming community because of its simple yet addictive gameplay. Here, you will immerse yourself in exciting adventures with many different types of animals, from aquatic animals to terrestrial animals.

Play Battle Royale Online
Play Battle Royale Online

Your task is to control your character to move around the map in search of food. At the same time, you have to dodge the chase from bigger animals and try to stay alive for the longest to upgrade. The adventure is endless for you to explore everything in the vast environment. However, the battle for food is not simple and the difficulty will increase over time. So prepare a good tactical plan to play battle royale. Memorable moments will be created by you here!

Privacy Policy at

In order to create a healthy playing field at the site, we need to take various measures, including collecting information from users. But this is transparently shared here as it is essential for you to understand how we do it. Your personal information is related to the law, so we will have a way to handle it according to regulations. If you have any suggestions on this, contact us and you will get a response soon.

Information we collect from users

From the moment you visit our website, we begin to collect data about personal information and activity logs. You can provide information such as email address, display name, avatar image, … to register for an account. We will store and manage them in a database until the website is down or you ask us to delete them.

Besides, your experiences at the website such as choosing games, clicking ads … are also saved for analysis. From there, we’ll recommend games that match your interests based on activity history. In addition, other third parties also rely on it to send you advertising information on the website. They can be helpful for you to find what you need quickly. So, information gathering happens to everyone and for a common purpose. Everything is working towards improving the player experience at

Use cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to us by your computer when you visit this website. It and some similar technologies have a logging function. That’s how we collect data from people, and third parties can do that too. Cookies will allow the ad network to recognize your computer’s address each time you click on any ad. And it helps advertisers aggregate information about users’ interests with their ads. It will help advertisers identify key customers to deliver ads to you.

What does Privacy Policy allow to do with your information?

We are responsible for ensuring the security of your information with a variety of solutions. We store information for analysis, management and personalization. But we do not share them with any third parties for personal purposes. Besides, you also have control over your information by correcting, adding or deleting any information. You can do it on your personal profile or contact us for support. Also, we respect your privacy, so you don’t need to use real information on our site.

Besides Privacy Policy, we want you to learn more about the Terms of Mope game. What we offer is useful to create a healthy public playing field and personalize your experience. But we will welcome any comments and suggestions from users at the site. So we appreciate it if you contact us to discuss regulations and policies. Finally, we wish you the best experience when you play Fullscreen here.