Using mods with some useful features will help you get an edge over the enemies in game. Be sure to check the mods out before joining your game! is one of the most famous iO games online that is very addictive and amazing to play. All of the players of this cool game can now check out mods if you are so interested in some extra features added to the game. The mods will help you get an edge over the enemies easily and also, using additional features will make you find it easier to deal with the challenges and dangers whenever you bump into the enemies. The game will be more convenient if it has some good mods with useful features. Similar to other free io games that you may have every played, you can check out mods and its extension through Chrome browser. If you did try other mods of other io games before, you should probably learn the importance of helpful features, right? The in-game challenges are not easy to conquer! You must prepare a lot of skills and strategies to surpass all dangers. Try to control your animals and let it roam around the playfield to absorb as many foods as possible. When you come across any larger enemies, you must try to avoid them and protect yourself at all cost. Your main objective is to grow up faster, survive longer and become the largest on the whole leaderboard. Mods Mods New Update Mods Mods play a very important role in the game, and so do other io games! Using the mods will bring more useful features to the original, and of course, you can play it much better. This is also a way that helps the players who are getting bored with the in-game challenges and missions. Once they use mods, they will play the game in a different way, and all dangers can be much easier to handle if the extra features are turned on. The mods are created by the game developers, and they added some good features to the game. Other io games consist of custom skins, zoom hack, background changer, and so on, which is the same as game. But, for now, only two extra features are confirmed, including custom skin and zoom hack.

Zoom hack: This feature is the most popular one that you probably have experienced in other io games. In, you can use it to zoom in or zoom out in order to catch sight of other enemies before they see you. By this way, you are able to dodge the tough enemies, especially the ones that are way bigger than you.

Custom skin: Although the custom skin is not available yet in the game, it’s still known as a good feature that you can use to change the way your animal looks. You can make your own skin following your own style, which makes your animal more unique.

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