Let’s check out awesome updates in a popular survival Multiplayer game called Mope.io. With these updates, your game is more amazing and thrilling to play!

Mope.io is a new Multiplayer game that is kind of similar to other previous iO games like Agar.io, Slither.io and so on. This game bears the resemblance to the former games in game style, but still, it has its own characteristics and mission. If you are a big fan of iO games that focus on eating and surviving, then Mope.io game is the right choice for you. You play as a little animal trying to search for woods to get a lot of tasty berries as well as try to absorb enough water to stay hydrated. You should try to swallow as many berries from the bushes as possible so that you can get more experience points. Also, eating them much and earning a lot of points will help you become larger and more powerful. Be careful with other giant animals trying to eat you up when you’re still much smaller than them. Run away from them and protect your life at all cost. Mope.io game is still being updated over time, and currently, you can check out some amazing updates to make your game more amazing as well as give you a better experience. Check them out now!

Mope.io gameplay
Mope.io gameplay

Update version 1

  • Added brand new gray rock hills, these places can’t be moved through and no animals can do that.
  • Reduced bites-to-kill for all players, health will regain 3x slower
  • The XP that is required for higher players is reduced.
  • Update for tails: the tiny creatures are able to counter, and they just only need to bite the predator’s tail (green-outlined)
  • The biting of creature is modified, if you want to bite an enemy, you need to face to face him.
  • Further hiding caves for predators are added.
  • Based on some feedbacks sent by players, all speeds for creatures are adjusted.

Update version 2

  • Added new creatures and the biting is much enhanced
  • It’s more effortless to bite the tails of the creatures now, 2X more damage can be given out from biting tails, the big predators become much slower, which is kind of easy to bite.
  • The Hippos became much stronger, smaller, and quicker
  • Some tiny creatures are able to cover themselves in the large hiding holes too.
  • Added a brand new creature! It’s deer (just right after fox)! This creature dehydrates very fast, but it moves really quickly, only absorbs mushrooms, and will escape away from lions.
  • Beer (after cheetah) is a new creature added to the game in this update. It’s known as a slow huntsman and it only climbs on the green hills slowly.
Mope.io unblocked
Mope.io unblocked

Update Version 3.1

  • The respawn XP amount is much developed
  • New big lakes in the game are added. Now, you can explore them, but be careful with the dangerous crocodiles.
  • The swimming speeds of animals are different now, just like the mud creatures (pig, croc, hippo) a little bit.
  • The Bears can move in the water fast, and the dragons are able to fly over it.
  • The level of water can be refilled in lakes for all creatures at a slow speed
  • 1/5 of Mushrooms will be generated in lakes in order to draw the attention of other prey and lure them to the lakes.
  • More exclusive foods are added to the lakes in order to draw the attention of other animals.
  • The area of the game is 5% bigger, and the number of mushrooms is 30% more frequent for now.
  • There will be additional lake updates that will be released in the forthcoming time, such as animals moving into water, or brand new lake animal and so on.
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