Terms of use are policies that you need to follow when using the mope-io.com website. They are necessary to create a healthy and cultural playing field.

You are viewing Terms of use at our website – mope-io.com. It includes the policies and regulations governing your use of the website. We created it to control and prevent improper behavior that can affect people’s experience. So please abide by it for your sake and that of others here. If there are any suggestions about Terms of use, do not hesitate to contact us to negotiate.

What will you have at mope-io.com?

Our website is the place for you to play Mope free online. It is a simple survival game with gentle gameplay suitable for all types of players. You will meet many other players around the world and have amazing adventures with your lovely animal. But do not be too subjective because you will have competitions to find food and upgrade. Moreover, you will evolve when you have enough accumulated points. And a more unique new look will be for you! With a new animal, you will have more food sources, including smaller animals. So you can compete with many opponents for limitless adventure.

Mope.io Skins
Mope.io Skins

You will have the above experience when visiting our website. It is always available to play anytime you like. Besides, there is no activity that requires paying to play now or to login/register. And these are available to everyone who wants to discover about Mope game.

Terms of use and what you need to know

So, this is a common playground for gamers around the world. It needs rules to work well and bring value to each player. We set these rules and expect you to read and abide by them. Besides, we always welcome your suggestions and sharing about them for necessary changes.

Firstly, about the copyright, we do not have it for the images, games, files downloaded on the website. All of them are owned by the publisher Mope.io. However, the content you can read comes from our content team. We always strive to create concise, accurate and effective content that is easy for you to learn. Therefore, we want you to respect the copyright of the content on the website. Please do not copy and share them without crediting our website. Please contact us first if you need them for another purpose.

Second, please do not post, comment with words and images that are vulgar, extreme or related to sex and social issues. You need to comply with this to contribute to building a healthy play environment for all types of players. If violated, we regret to suspend your account on the site and even ban it permanently.

Third, we are responsible for keeping and managing your personal information. But you also have a responsibility to have that. Please contact us as soon as possible if you lose your account or reveal your password. In addition, you should not give your account to anyone you do not trust. Acts of infringing on the personal information of others will be held responsible before the law. And we will deactivate the violator’s account at mope-io.com.

Learn more when you visit About us and Privacy Policy. Furthermore, contact us through info@mope-io.com. And, it’s time for you to enjoy Mope.io APK download and join the latest survival adventure!