About Wildland Wanderer

Wildland Wanderer explores Metroidvania’s journey, he is stranded on an island. You will have to help the main character survive the challenges of nature and monsters.

If you have ever enjoyed adventure games before, you will recognize the similarities with Wildland Wanderer 2D. In the game, you will control the main character to explore places that humans have never explored.

This is an uninhabited island, and you are the first to do it. Before starting, a tutorial system will appear to guide in detail how to operate and control the game. Follow these instructions to start survival as soon as possible.

You will face quite a few enemies along the way, they are strange creatures but have quite high damage. If you collide with them continuously, your character will gradually lose HP and lose. Of course, Wildland Wanderer unblocked also allows players to use the character’s skills to attack enemies. You should attack the enemy as soon as possible if not, they will counter you.

Moving closer to the enemy to use skills is what you need to do in battle. Besides, you can also collect some items to make the survival process easier. Or use the available skill points to unlock new skills for the character.

Play Wildland Wanderer online, you will have the opportunity to explore an endless adventure through the perspective of the main character. The game’s graphics and sound system have also performed very well to bring the most enjoyable experience. This game is from Old Dry Witch and Kenney, please support them if you want.

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