If you play mope.io game, you will see that the Minimap is a useful navigation tool for all animals. It helps you make a plan to move, eat, or hide when being chased.


Minimap or map in mope.io online game is a very useful tool to help you navigate the own animal in the direction that you want to hunt the prey or simply hide and avoid the chase from other predators. When you look at the minimap, you can see your position. As I have told, this will give you the way to make an effective plan to escape the enemy.


Once you take part in the mope.io multiplayer game, you can find this minimap easily. It is located at the top right corner of the screen. Aside from your current location, you are able to know the information of that which is near you. However, it will not display other players’ position. Minimap owns several exciting features such as:

  • Your current location is the white circle.
  • Hills are the green circles.
  • Berry bushes are red circles.
  • Lakes are large blue circles.
  • Water spots as smaller blue circles.
  • Mud is brown circles.
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