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Buzzy Bees is a cool strategy iO game. Take control of a bee and set up a team of your own as soon as possible! To become the top player in the forthcoming online multiplayer competition, you should collect the most honey. By touching flowers on the path, you will be able to gather the nectar. Aside from making the food, you need to build hives and expand your territory.

Play Buzzy Bees unblocked carefully and you do not ignore unlocking upgrades! They will help you rank up faster. There is a shop and it is always opened to provide a lot of interesting stuff. Aside from finding basic resources, you are recommended to protect your home from wicked characters. Equip your hero with a stinger and he can attack the rival. Besides, it’s feasible for you to destroy the house of somebody and loot the property they achieved. Gobattle.io is one of the titles that you can work together with teammates. Remember to check it for more experiences! Have fun1

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