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Glap.io is a relaxing RPG game in which you are able to trade, craft, and discover your way. Enter your name and you can embark on the new adventure along with multiple strangers around the world. Aside from asteroids, you can find a secret planet. However, you only see it on the radar once you get enough close to the target. You can start your job by traveling around the Solar system and find modules along with other accessories. From the item that you collect, you will attach them to your ship and they are considered as upgrades which allow you to expand the own spaceship, get stronger, have more storage spaces, and have a better landing. As well, they are very useful for you to rank up. Note that each of them has the unique mass and power requirement. Remember to check their progress to control your movement easier! Good luck!

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Magnus is very pleased to be our companion in this website project. She is always actively supporting, finding small bugs, or giving suggestions to improve the user experience on the website. She is truly mission-critical to any website and ours is no exception.

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