About Gotia.io

Pick out the favorite skin and play Gotia.io game your way! Destroy all of the enemies existing on the playfield, collect the highest score, and dominate the leaderboard as soon as possible! You are joining a brutal battle in which you have to act wisely and carefully to survive and rank up. Aside from that, the XP you earn will allow you to grow bigger like what you have experienced in Agar.io. Also, your hits will become stronger when your body increases in size. There are several power-ups in Gotia.io such as hordes and shields. They are scattered across the map. They reduce the damage you are taken by 50% and improve your movement speed by 50%. Pick up these items to get an edge over other opponents by walking over them. They will last for 20 seconds only. When you level up, you are able to unlock many better knights. Have fun!

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