About Stolk.io

Stolk.io unblocked is a unique io game with ping-pong ball gameplay. If you think you are good at table tennis games, you should give Stolk.io online a try then see if you can beat all challenges. This ping-pong ball io game is all about aiming and hitting balls to get a high score. You and other players are competing against each other to see who will get the best score.

When you enter the arena of Stolk.io game, you should watch your surroundings because enemies may target you and defeat you. You need to shoot the balls as fast as possible to get points. As you play, try to avoid attacks from other players. You can dodge them using your speed boost feature and don’t forget to use your strategies with smart tactics to knock them off the table. You should build up your size through over time, but your speed will be decreased when your size is increased. Your goal is to become the best player! Play Stolk.io game online for free now! Have fun!

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