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Among Rescue is a fun puzzle game where you will explore spaceships in vast space. There are many valuable treasures waiting for you and there will be challenges to come.

Inspired by the characters in the famous Among Us game, Among Rescue free online possesses unique puzzle gameplay. In the game, the player will try to help his character win the treasure in each level. Besides, the appearance of available obstacles will make your journey more difficult. Comes with treasure is hot lava, they can destroy your character.

At each level, you will remove pegs on the screen that contain treasure, lava, or water. Each peg will have a completely different role, they can bring you treasure or bring dangerous lava. Therefore, you need to calculate carefully before unlocking a certain key in the game to win. Among Rescue unblocked offers a variety of levels with increasing difficulty to keep players interested. If you pass the first levels safely, don’t be too happy. Believe me, the next levels will have you playing over and over again until you finally win.

Besides, the mechanism of turning quickly into stone in this puzzle game is quite interesting and makes it more attractive. Specifically, the player can fuse water and lava to turn them into stone. Then you can unlock the treasure peg to win easily. Remember that lava can destroy both the main character as well as dissolve the treasure. Therefore, you need to think about how to handle the existing lava system before thinking about the treasure in the game. Note, there is only one way to win the levels so think carefully.

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