About Kize.io

Kize.io unblocked is a battle royale 2D shooter io game pitting you against opponents from all over the world. Kize.io online may remind you of PUBG and Fortnite, but each game has its own charm, and so does Kize.io. The game is set in an arena where players gave to go find some weapons and items for the fight. All of you are unarmed when spawning, so finding equipment is the first task you should do. Once you have geared up yourself, jump into the battle to fight off all other players.

You can build a base and craft some advanced tools for your survival in Kize.io game. Stay in your base to avoid attacks from enemies. If you catch them in sight, quickly aim and shoot them before they defeat you. Do not take damage from their shots, or you will be destroyed, causing the game to be over. Pay attention to the storm and do not leave the safe zone, or you will take damage too. The goal for you in this survival io game is to become the last man standing to win!

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