About Unlit.io

Unlit.io opens a fantastic manhunt pitting players against each other in the backyard arena. Surely you will go crazy about this awesome Agario Style game online. You are armed with a flashlight that must be used wisely to steal the power of the opponents and fade them in the process. By doing so, you can wipe out other players easily. But, you should expect that others will do the same to you. So, try to turn off your flashlight to stay invisible to them, and make sure they will not be able to catch you. You are advised to keep the flashlight off until an unsuspecting player gets closer to you, after that, you quickly sneak up behind him and fade him. However, there is always a chance for them to catch you in their flashlight, once they do, you will meet your doom for sure. You should play with good strategies to outplay the opponents, never give them a chance to attack you, or else the game will be over. Can you climb the top of the leaderboard in Unlit.io? Play it now!

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