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Adversator is an interesting RPG-style strategy iO game. Experience the new match online and show your skills to finish off as many enemies as possible! The objective of that crazy unblocked battle is to defend your main building. Aside from killing the foes, you are also required to smash their base.

It’s simple to play Adversator full-screen on the official website! As a casual MOBA, it can be operated with no constraints. Different from the same titles such as Minions, it’s available for you to log in or start the combat as a guest for free. Register to save your progression! Adversator introduces 3 hero types only. It will rely on the item combination. Depending on the class you pick, you will receive corresponding abilities. In which, Strength is stronger than Intelligence but weaker than Agility, and so on. It’s time to deploy skills and wipe out every structure of the other faction! Good luck!

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