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BombHopper.io unblocked is an exciting io game with a unique gameplay mechanic. In this title, you make use of your grenade launcher to blow away yourself in order to past the finish line. You will compete against other players in this arena, so take this chance to beat them with your launching skills!

In BombHopper game, you will have to go up, down, or around, and even through walls when you want to launch yourself. You have to be careful because there’s a chance for you to blow yourself off of the platform, and if you do that, it will be a game over for you. Try to land on the finish line before you run out of ammo. You must get to the door with the blast of the explosions from your bombs. Make sure you get there as fast as possible to obtain 3 stars on each level. The game is like a puzzle that you have to solve using your clever skills, and it also features different levels to explore. Play BombHopper.io game for free right now! Have fun!

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