About Hexar.io

Hexar.io, one of the hot mobile io games, is available for you to play free online with tons of opponents on Web. Experience a fun challenge inspired by Slither style and capture the most number of hexagon blocks in the shortest time to become the new King. By enclosing an area, you can turn it into yours. Additionally, you will have the chance to expand your territory quickly. So, after you spawn, you can depart and choose a small land to attack. Draw a line and surround it. Do not forget to return to the place that you have left to end up! Be careful! You can be attacked while you are moving. You should observe everything around you and avoid hits for survival. Once they crash into your trail, you will die. Aside from that, some people will always invade and annoy you or even steal your achievements. Thus, you will be quite busy while you are with defending. Good luck!

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