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Cavegame.io is an interesting MMO moomoo.io style iO game in Minecraft like slithercraft.io. Aside from competing with multiple human enemies in the new match, you have to encounter lots of zombies. It is an addictive adventure unblocked. In which, you must survive at all costs.

Cavegame.io is set on an enormous map full of ores that you can mine for free. Besides, the cave is a great place to discover. You should not forget to collect as much gold as possible. Play Cavegame.io online you do not forget to spend that valuable resource when you want to upgrade your weapons and hones your skills! From the shop, you can easily find out items that allow you to climb up to the top spot quickly. Before you fight against an opponent, you’d better gather enough materials and craft. It’s exciting to create swords, bows, arrows, TNT, armor, and so on. Especially, you can farm, build a house, and sell. Good luck!

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