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Cursors.me is an addictive game taking you to a world filled with pixels. Just like other free io games, in this one, you will also play with various opponents from around the world. Once you spawn into, you will see a large world of pixels consisting of some unique images, words or any stuff. The most outstanding pixelated picture you will catch sight of first is Pikachu, and your mission is to use your cursor to demolish it. You can destroy the picture by moving your cursor and clicking on some created blocks. There are two ways for you to ruin it, you can totally add more blocks with your favorite color, or you can delete the formed blocks. But then, you realize that the picture will be recovered every single second by the computer. So, you have to team up with other players and then try to devastate all the pictures. This world is very huge, you can move your map and go to another area then begin to demolish. Furthermore, the game allows you to make your own stuff, like a certain image, a word, or anything you like. Be sure you protect your work if there is any player trying to destroy it. Don’t forget to check out Cursors.me mods to explore more features! Have fun!

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Magnus is very pleased to be our companion in this website project. She is always actively supporting, finding small bugs, or giving suggestions to improve the user experience on the website. She is truly mission-critical to any website and ours is no exception.

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