About Doomed2.io

Doomed2.io is a brand new Io game based on Moomoo.io style. Enter the map and experience all of the features your way. You will have the chance to defend against tons of enemies in the surroundings. And, you need to beat them as soon as possible to become the top player and dominate the whole playing field. Show up the own abilities and overcome initial challenges like hunger, wild animals or monsters. You should eat and maintain your health during your adventure. Not only that, do not ignore collecting resources by mining trees and rocks. They will bring back a lot of wood and stone. Both of them are really important to craft tools, weapons, or build up turrets. Next, use these items to protect you and gain more kills. In other words, you can rank up easier. However, you can cooperate with some allies or work together with your clan if you do not want to play solo. Good luck!

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