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Little Big Snake is one of the top multiplayer io games that you should play. Work together with friends or simply explore the new map alone. Try to eat and enlarge until you become the longest and strongest snake on the server! Similar to Slither style, the size that you achieve will not help you survive or rule the leaderboard forever since the smallest can kill you in a wink if you cannot prevent your head from crashing into his tail. Additionally, you will die immediately if you run into a rock. Thus, you are recommended to open your eyes and observe everything in the surroundings carefully while you are roaming. In Little Big Snake, you will meet up with other dangerous creatures alongside long limbless reptiles. Besides, you are able to experience the cool Juja’s game where you are allowed to travel through the air, gather sugary fluids and attack jujas with other slugs. When you progress and own crowns or gems, you can possess the Royal chest, unlock or buy skins along with other amazing items. Let’s join the first level now! Good luck!



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