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Speedboast.io is an addicting free online multiplayer Io game. The goal is to dominate the rankings with the highest score. Spawn and participate in a massively challenging combat with other people around the real world for the top spot. The battle is set on the water of a vast sea. In the new playing field, you will take control of a canoe. Wander around the map and find the prey. After that, you will use the given turret to attack and shoot down the enemy. Don’t forget to avoid their assault for survival! Aside from that, you should remember that the weapon is upgradable. In Speedboast.io, you are able to burn the foe with the laser, blast them away with the grenade launcher, or outmaneuver and crash into their vehicle, etc. But, don’t collide with anybody. The power-ups will be dropped after you make them disappear. Killstreaks also give you bonus points. Let’s start the engine and fight!

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