About Witz.io

Witz.io competition game will open you a fierce battle but extremely funny, witty. Join 10 of your friends for a great spontaneous moment. Surely you will feel interesting with new game experiences like this.

Ten people joined Witz.io unblocked to come together to come up with the most mischievous and unique answers possible with the aim of defeating other players. After each round of Witz io games, you choose your favorite answer and the others will vote for you. By round 3, there will be a suggestion for players based on the two best answers from the previous 2 rounds. From there, you give your answer. Next, the 3rd round of voting will take place and you will continue to choose your favorite answer. The person who gets the most points is the winner of this io games multiplayer. In the witz game, you can also create private corridors to play with family and close friends. Let’s play the free strategy game with everyone to have more fun.

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