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About Lordz2.io:

Play Lordz2.io free online and become the winner in the new strategy game by being the strongest Lord! Remember that it is an intense multiplayer match! Firstly, you can start with a castle. Build it and recruit more units if you want to own a bigger army. Meanwhile, you can obtain cavalry units when you construct a stable. Besides, there are mages and dragons coming from the academy and monster den. However, your job will not stop there because you are also required to upgrade them.

When you have put up a base in Lordz2.io unblocked, you can set down towers to kill and block the foes from getting close. If you destroy the opposite structures, progress and receive gold with victory points, you do not forget to spend them on unlocking more territories in the Conquest Mode. It is effective to expand your kingdom and rank up or open other heroes. Tons of updates are waiting for you to discover! Hope you enjoyed!


Press WASD to roam, left mouse to destroy buildings, E or RMB to deploy powers, Space to split, B to build, U to pick units, F to choose formation and C to change it, Y to upgrade, V to watch rewarded videos, M to control the minimap, Enter to chat, Esc to pause

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