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Are you ready to become a good stone digger and develop your work in Stone Idle? This is a simple browser clicker game that promises to bring you a lot of fun to enjoy.

Stone Idle game brings great entertainment experiences through the stone mining process. Your task is to collect as many stones by clicking on the screen continuously. The more you click, the more stones you collect will increase, from which you can use the stones you earn to convert into money. Basically, money is the most important tool in this clicker game for free so creates a lot of value. During the process of collecting stone, you can upgrade the production equipment to speed up the quarrying process. There are quite a few upgrades available on the screen, you just need to touch their icons to upgrade immediately.

Initially, each upgrade will cost a relatively small amount but will increase continuously after each upgrade. In return, it will give you more resources than the original. We recommend making upgrades side-by-side for the best value. Each upgrade has a completely different function, and you can upgrade to your liking as long as you feel the best. For HTML5 upgrade online games, players will have to spend a lot of time to unlock all upgrades. Stone Idle unblocked is no exception, you need to keep patience when playing the game. Although possessing simple gameplay, but time is the challenge that you need to overcome in this game. Are you brave enough to develop quarry work in Stone Idle?

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