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In another fun and exciting territory game called, you will have another chance to present your skills! This Splix Style Upgraded game pits you against new opponents online. You have to move through a big map with a lot of empty space and your mission is to capture the space then return to your main base to gradually build a big territory for yourself. When you move, a trail will be left behind you, and it must be well protected all the time. Why? Because somebody will try to hit it, and once they do, you will meet your doom for sure. You need to cover your trail skillfully to elude the enemy attacks. If you want to attack them, you can follow the exact same method! When you kill them, capture their space to expand your realm even more. You should play tactically, outplay all opponents and dominate the leaderboard! Good luck to you!


Use WASD or arrow keys for moving your character around the map. 

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