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About is a great Free For All 2D Shooter. It is an online multiplayer game inspired by Diep style, in which, you should grow stronger to defeat every opponent and dominate the top spot. Firstly, you can select the color that you want. Next, you will drop off the airplane and parachute to land on a chaotic large arena. will bring back a lot of different weapons and supplies to choose from. Aside from armaments and ammunition, you are able to upgrade your power with items such the helmet, armor, shield, and some forcefields. You will be provided with an inventory when you accept to engage in unblocked. It is the address where you can craft tools your way. Once you gear up, you will have more chances to conquer your enemy and climb up to the highest position on the leaderboard in the shortest time. Good luck!


Choose WASD or Arrows to move, Left mouse to shoot or attack, Right mouse to open doors, F to collect, I to unlock the inventory, M to check the map, Enter to chat

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