RAFTZ.ONLINE is an epic battleship ocean-themed 2D Shooter game online in which you have to build your own raft to engage in a brutal ocean clash against lots of opponents from across the world. You will start gathering a lot of boxes scattered around on the surface of the ocean then utilize them to generate a big strong raft. The larger your raft is, the stronger it will become, giving you more strength on the battlefield. During the battle, you must shoot down the enemy rafts before they dish out their damage to you. Defend your raft all the time because once it soaks massive damage, you will meet your doom for sure. When you gather every box, you may earn a special item inside, and if you are in luck, a nice soldier will be given to you, and he will help you fight against the enemies automatically. You must stay alive for as long as possible and get crowned as the champion! Good luck to you!

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