- in 2D shooter, Diep Style, Power-ups
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Shoot down all enemies getting in your way and fight for the top rank in – an epic 2D Shooter game letting you play with weapons and many power-ups! Join it now to conquer all other players as well as prove your best skills to the whole world. This IO game is taken in a big fighting arena full of impediments that can be used as a nice cover for yourself. You should roam through this map skillfully trying to finish off everything before you get eliminated. Feel free to pick up many weapons to use, like a shotgun, machine gun, pistol, and rocket launcher. They are all powerful weapons that will help you annihilate the foes when they are near you. In addition, you should also go search for some crates on the ground that contain some ammo as well as health kits. The health kits help recover your wounds when you get injured, so you can come back to the fight easily. The goal here is to vanquish the entire arena!


Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Shoot with the left mouse, use keys QEF for using an upgrade, and key Enter to chat.

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