About Friday Night Funkin HD

New content and changes in graphics are the elements that Friday Night Funkin HD is aiming for. The appearance of this mod version will make FNF players feel excited.

Friday Night Funkin HD free online is a completely different version in many aspects compared to previous FNF games. This FNF mod gives players a much more realistic and vivid feeling, along with new dialogues. Although keeping the traditional simple gameplay, the content changes every week will definitely make you unable to miss this game.

Everything is presented in beautiful HD

True to its name, Friday Night Funkin HD unblocked offers beautiful details thanks to the 3D graphics format. Have you ever imagined what our familiar characters like BF or GF will be like when upgraded in terms of graphics? Well, you don’t need to do that anymore, because this mod version will turn fantasy into reality.

Accordingly, players will not need to experience other mod versions to change FNF Boyfriend skins. Instead, the BF guy in Friday Night Funkin HD is very good, changed but still retains the traditional personality. The focus on graphic elements makes the details in the game appear vivid and smooth but still works stably on most devices today. Moreover, you can experience Friday Night Funkin HD stably on many different platforms, from Windows, macOS to Linux.

You can support the people who make this mod version through the information below:

  • KOLSAN has the role of Artist, dialogue
  • Cval performs Offset and code editor
  • Rozebud, bbpanzu, Pip and Smokey are coders
  • Luc and JADS made the music for the mod
  • Shin is the person who adds dialogue help
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