About Cellulus

Cellulus drops you in a fascinating, enchanting yet terrible microscopic world in which you become a cell partaking in life or death struggle to consume and kill all enemies. Cellulus is one of the latest Strategy IO games free for all in a browser. You should give it a shot to master your abilities. When you undertake this challenge, you will make your way through the arena in an attempt to increase your size. You must eat as many cells as possible by overlapping them for building the size. When you get stronger a bit, you can go squash the enemies that are smaller and weaker than you, while you still have to keep yourself away from the larger cells, or else you will get eaten. When you move, be sure to elude the spikey green viruses as they can divide your cell into many smaller cells if you eat them. Like other IO games, especially Agar.io, your main goal in this one is to top the leaderboard to become the largest cell in the arena!

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