About Conquer Game

Conquer free game online is a web browser game similar to Splix.io and Slither.io. Be ready for more challenges in this fantastic io game unblocked. But first, you can choose your favorite skin, set a nickname for your character then enter the arena. When everything is ready, you have to direct your character around the map to capture more spaces and then link them back to the main base. The more spaces you capture, the larger your base will become. While you are on the hunt, watch out for your tail because if somebody hits it, you will meet your doom. Also, do not crash into the border of the map, or else it will be a game over for you as well. You should avoid other players when trying to collect spaces, but if you are confident in killing them, go ahead for it! How big your base will be? Let’s play Conquer game unblocked!

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