Fox is the fourth animal in game. It is evolved from the pig at 500 EXP. Explore features of Fox and other important information for free right now!



The fox is a bright orange animal that you can see in game. Its color looks like the lion. But, the lion is still larger. When you hit 500 XP, you will change a pig into a fox. If you get 1,400 XP, you can unlock the deer.

In game, the fox is able to hide behind the berry bush. However, it can’t hide in small holes. Thus, it is the creature can only hide in the large hiding holes. Fox is the first animal that can hide behind berry bushes, but also the first that cannot hide in small hiding holes.

Fox can eat mice, rabbit, pig, berries, and even mushrooms. Besides, lions and other animals above (except for deer) will hunt him.


Play as a fox

When you explore game as a fox, you’d better stick to berry bushes. Going for a quick dip in the lake to collect mushrooms is also the good way. If you’d like to eat somebody on the map, you can hide behind a berry bush and wait until the prey appears. And, you can jump out of there.

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