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Sausage Dog explores a dog’s journey while straying from his family. In the game, you need to help this dog overcome the available obstacles and return home safely.

Sausage Dog’s journey began when this dog left his house after an argument with his mother. The big world outside made this dog feel tired after a short time. So, Sausage Dog unblocked vividly described the journey to find the way home of the aforementioned poor dog. Transforming into a sausage dog, you need to help your character overcome the available obstacles along with moving to many different locations. There are many things that can endanger a dog’s life, so be very focused if you do not want to play again from the beginning.

Play Sausage Dog online, you also have to control your dog to load more food to maintain the best health. There are quite a few delicious foods that appear on the screen, but sometimes you need to skip the food to ensure the safety of the dog. Basically, the gameplay of this HTML5 Adventure game is quite similar to games of the same genre. That is, you can control the dog to move around and solve complex problems along the way. From there find the way home bypassing all available levels. It sounds simple, but challenges will gradually appear in the near future. Remember that your path will not be straight, sometimes you have to turn around to find something to keep moving. Besides, you can also learn more about some other animal games on our website if you want.

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