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Mouse is one of the animals in the popular game. The mouse is the first animal that you can use as soon as you spawn on the map. Mouse is the only animal having the tail. Its basic color is gray. Mouse has many embellishments such as tail, ears, snout, and nose.

Play as a mouse

Play as the mouse you need to act carefully because you can be eaten by rabbits, pigs, foxes, and lions, except for Deer. You have to collect enough 50 EXP to level up into a rabbit. Mouse can hide on both small and large Hiding Holes in game. If you swallow berries, you will gain more experiences. Besides, Mouse can drink water drops.

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Mope io

The first thing that you should accomplish when starting as a mouse is to look for a berry bush. If you see a berry bush which is near a hiding hole, you can escape from the enemy quickly. Remember to watch rabbits, pigs, and even foxes because they can hide in a berry bush that you want! Also, when you approach a hiding hole in game, you should be wary because there is a smart predator lying inside and wait. Most of the larger hunters will not waste their time to chase after mice. They will just receive little XP.

Play against a mouse

If you are a rabbit in, you need to make sure there is not any hole and berry bush or water spot around because stronger enemies can move to that spot using the Minimap to guide them. As a pig, you should lure the mouse into mud or water. As a fox, you can hide in a berry bush and jump out to catch the mouse.

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