About Battleroyale.io

Battle Royale is a hot game genre these days, and it’s finally brought to the web. Join Battleroyale.io – another epic survival IO free for all game to test your surviving ability again. You will meet and compete against a lot of opponents worldwide, making the battle always competitive. This Battle Royale game is set in deeper outer space where there are a lot of mysterious locations that players must go discover as well as use to their advantages. At first, you only have a pistol in your hand, which must be utilized to shoot down all enemies standing in your way. At the same time, when you move, don’t forget to look for better weapons and other equipment so you can destroy the rivals even more easily. Feel free to choose your start place on the map to get the best position before entering the battle. Like always, the main objective of this Battle Royale game is to become the last survivor alive to win!

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