About dinoman.io

You are a spinning dinosaur in a fun classic Upgrades game called Dinoman.io! Get ready to go kill a lot of enemy dinosaurs, level up yourself and turn you into the best dinosaur of all. The game lets you spawn at a random location on a small map. You have to move around the map trying to rush at enemies when you see them. Make sure you kill them faster using your excellent skills as well as try to defend yourself from others’ attacks. When you make your way through the arena, you need to accumulate many eggs from the ground so as to increase your level and purchase awesome upgrades, like size, spin rate and sprint time. With the upgrades, you will find it much easier to cope with the opponents! In case you want to trick them, turn yourself into a fake tree, then when they are careless, you can rush at them in a surprising way. Also, you can use real trees to hide from the enemies. Ensure that you deal with them in a strategic way and survive until you dominate the arena!

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