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About is a fantastic strategy game that you can play for free with multiple strong competitors throughout the world. Discover the new map and connect to the challenge to get closer to the top spot! Remember that it is an epic and real-time match where you will be required to use your skills and build a thriving empire of your own quickly.

Aside from putting up forts to defend your territory from aggressive enemies in unblocked, you are also recommended to generate farms. They will help you produce food and give you more money to buy upgrades. You will have the chance to boost up the development of your troop, with better units like soldiers, knights, spearmen and so on. However, you should manage every resource online wisely or you will lose everything once somebody attacks and wipe out your kingdom. In addition to protecting, you can send the army to do the same for your rivals. Try to survive, expand and rule! Good luck!


Use the left mouse button to buy items and place units, mouse wheel to zoom in or out, WASD to roam around the map

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