About Treasure arena

Treasure arena is a challenging Multiplayer free io game where you will explore a lot of challenges. The game features various class for you to select, including a rogue, a mage or a warrior. So, pick one and then launch your great adventure. For more features, you should discover Treasure arena mods and you can get a better experience with the mods. In the game, your main mission is to pick up a lot of gold around the playfield. Try to roam around the map to obtain more goal, or you can get rid of other players and then take over their gold. There are several powerful weapons scattering around the game arena, make sure to collect them and use them to your advantage. Prepare your strategies, use your tactics and skills to defeat all. Alright, let’s jump into the game right now and conquer all! Don’t forget to check out other free io games here! Have fun and good luck!

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