Soldiers VS Zombies

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About Soldiers VS Zombies:

Soldiers VS Zombies game unblocked focuses on a ruthless battle where soldiers have to do defeat zombies and vice versa, zombies must kill all soldiers. The whole game is set in an apocalyptic world that is very hard to survive. If you start as a human, you must work with other friends to block the doors before the zombies come to you, and make sure you get through the contamination. The zombies have to wander around the ma[ spreading the virus to infect all humans. Each side should have its own strategy in order to figh against the enemy team more easily. Also, remember that teamwork is a key to your success in Soldiers VS Zombies free online game. If you don’t work together, it will be nearly impossible to survive all challenges. Can you use your cunningness and your excellent tactics to guide your team to the final victory? Jump into this zombies HTML5 game now!


Move your character using WASD, click the right mouse for using items, press key G to drop items, use key E to collect items, key O to open the soldiers’ shop and spin with the mouse cursor.

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