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About Disaster.io:

Disaster.io free unblocked is a new web-browser fighting game opening up another tough battle where zombies, mutants, and survivors have to fight against each other. Disaster.io online also puts your skills to a test to see how long you can last in this post-apocalyptic world. Once a match is begun, you have to go buy some weapons for yourself then use them to survive all hordes of zombies. There are up to 24 players on a server, some of them will begin as mutants whose mission is to go around the map spreading the radiation. A human like you must do whatever it takes to overcome this disaster. Make the most out of the weapons you have bought to fend off these mutants and give them no chances to kill you. In case you become one of the mutants at the starting of the game, then you must go chase down all humans before they buy their weapons to kill you. Let’s jump into the battle!


 Move around the map using WASD, click the right mouse to use items, press key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key O for the survivors' shop, and the mouse cursor to spin. 

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