The Cheetah is one of the main characters in the free-to-play game. This animal is upgraded from the zebra at 18,000 EXP. Research more right now!



Cheetah is one of the animals in this amazing online multiplayer game. It has a pale golden color. There are many spots on its back. It looks different from the creature in the real life. If you compare it with the lion, you will recognize that the cheetah is much larger than the lion.

To evolve from the zebra, you should have at least 18,000 EXP. If you’d like to level up and turn into the mole, you have to gain enough 42,000 EXP. Large holes and berry bushes in the game are the ideal places for the cheetah to hide.


Foxes, deer, lions, mushrooms, and water drops are the food and drink that it can absorb. While playing, you’d better keep away from Mole, Bear, Crocodile, Hippo, and Dragon.

Cheetah is the first animal to be added in an update. Prior to a recent update to Cheetah’s speed, its upgrade message read: “You’re super quick!- Let’s chase someone…”

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