Deer is one of the animals that you can find in game easily. Deer is a sort of resting phase of the food chain. Let’s learn more about its features!



The deer in game is colored brown with pale-yellow horns. It is the first animal which has notable markings on its body aside from a solid color.

If you want to evolve into a deer, you should have enough 1,400 XP. This is accomplished by eating mice, rabbits, pigs, berries, and mushrooms. After you become a deer, you can move around the map to eat only mushrooms and lilypads. Indeed, the deer is unique. It is unlike other animals in the food chain. It is eaten by all of the animals above it. If you want to turn into the lion, you’d better gain a maximum XP of 3.2k.

In game, the deer can lose water quickly, especially when it is sprinting. You should stay and look for mushrooms and lilypads at lakes.


Play as a deer

You are recommended to wander around lakes where filled with water, mushrooms, and lilypads. Remember to watch out every predator such as crocodiles or hippos! They can catch and eat you in the water. Get ready to dive by right clicking! Don’t sprint if not necessary! When the amount of water in your body is drained, you will be vulnerable.

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