Lion is the sixth creature in the animal list of game. Is it the animal possessing the highest ranking? Let’s find the answer right now! Have much fun!


Lion is one of the cute animals in the awesome multiplayer game. This special creature is colored a deep yellow. The lion is upgraded from the deer at 3,2k EXP. If you hit 8,000, you are able to evolve this animal into the zebra.


A lion can hide in large hiding holes of and you also can find it in berry bushes. Especially, a lion is possible to eat berries, mushrooms, drink water drops, or hunt mice, pigs, deer, and foxes. When the lion eats the prey, it will slowly bloat to be larger than any enemy. However, the lion will become the victim of all animals above it, except the zebra.

Aside from that, the lion has existed in game since it is first released. It is one of two animals to have animals added directly before AND directly after it. The deer and cheetah are added in updates.

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