Dying while you are playing mope.io game as the animal is not a thing that every player desires. Try to evolve and exist as long as possible before dying!


Dying is a big problem for all of the animals in mope.io game. Dying will occur once you are destroyed by another opponent on the map. Dying will reduce your EXP. Even, this can make you become a lower-tier animal.

mope io
Mope.io Dying Animal

Animals that you encounter in this exciting multiplayer game are playable characters. And you will start the first adventure as a mouse. To avoid dying and begin again as a mouse, you need to reach Pig as fast as possible. You know that there are a lot of dangerous enemies in mope.io online. They can always lurk in holes or something like berry bushes. They get ready to jump out of those places to grab and eat you. Thus, you should act carefully while you are finding food. Besides, you also should drink water to survive. Once you gain enough EXP, you can evolve and escape returning the mouse when you get dying. Good luck!

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